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Visionary Book Writers: Win

Visionary Book Writers: The Hate U Give

Visionary Book Writers: The Lost Apothecary: A Novel

Visionary Book Writers: Good Company: A Novel

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any guarantees?

Please review our Terms & Conditions, we are true to every word written in it, as our process is crystal clear without any manipulation that ensures the client’s security. Thus prior to proceeding with any order with our clients, we ensure that we have sent a non-disclosure agreement & legal binding contract, where all the services we are entitled to are stated, together with the terms and conditions.

What if I don’t need every service in your comprehensive packages?

We have no objection to it, you are free to pick any service you want from us. Often we reduce the pricing in case you want to exclude any of the service options. To meet your needs, we will be more than happy to customize or make changes to our services. So don’t worry about it. All you need to do is when you contact our online consultants, ask them to guide you as per your needed service and tell you about the customization or changes in the quotation.

What if I only require consultation or feedback on my book?

The best answer to this question is our coaching and editing service to make improvements to your work. Whatever service you need regarding your book consultation, we will give it to you. Some of these are feedback on your writing structure, critical review, the concept of the book, proofreading or copyediting, and elimination of plagiarism from your content; we can help you with almost anything. As per your request, we can also address particular issues while reviewing your book. We can also do developmental editing where we will improve your book and make necessary changes to it.

My book requires research – Can your service provider that?

Indeed, research services can be included in our Visionary Book Writers services packages; our writers can do both, rigorous scholarly research or basic internet searches, you can tell our online consultant, whichever you need. As our writer can do both very effectively and can fuse all the research in your book.

How involved would I need to be in the process?

Frankly, it’s all up to you, that how much you want to be involved in your book writing venture. You have all the liberty to closely work with our champions, or you can totally trust them and just provide the basic information to let them do the rest of the work. Because in the end it’s your book and you will have the final say on the content that is provided to you, it’s your call to approve the content or give any other input in the book, which will be catered. We are very cooperative, we will do the changes that fit you and your writing style. However, in case you want a memoir or autobiography then we would highly recommend you to work side by side with our champions at Visionary.

Can I meet and discuss my book with the Visionary writers face to face?

We are an online business, so we do not entertain walk-in customers, and don’t worry our chat sessions and telephonic interview are effective and convenient. The reason to not arrange a face-to-face meeting is that it would affect our team’s productivity and consume a lot of time. Although, during an uncertain situation we meet the clients if the order amount is more than £30,000, to cater to the client’s special needs.

How long does the Visionary process normally take?

The Visionary process of time duration is partially up to you – the author! Depending on the degree of your involvement and schedule for you to review, we will create material and on a weekly or biweekly basis, it will be provided to you for your approval.

How are writers screened to make sure they qualify for this network?

All the applicants are tested and screened, their credential is examined. Developmental editors and writers require a track record of published books that they have edited or written. On the basis of all this, we assign the writer to the work.

Are your services 100% confidential?

Yes, a 100 times yes! Our services are 100% confidential. The information you will provide to us will never be used for any other purposes, nor the information will be included in any of your other books. On our website, we have a very comprehensive privacy policy posted. If you have any doubt, please ask us for a non-disclosure agreement, we will be more than happy to send it to you right away. You can also leave a testimonial if you are happy and with your consent, we will use it on the website.

Why do I need to talk to a Consultant?

In order to discuss all the aspects of your valuable project with you, including preparation, concept generation, costs, organization, writing, planning, development, editing, tone, formatting, style, publishing, and more! Our consultants and the consulting process are very flexible, it will mold according to your preferences and needs. Generally, via phone or chat, the consultation sessions happen.

As soon as the content of your book is done and you happily approved it, we will aid you to decide the publishing option that will work wonders for you and give your dream of a published book a reality!

Is Visionary Book Writers legit and ethical?

Clearly and entirely, Visionary Book Writers services are ethical, the main ingredient in writing a book are ideas, without ideas, no book would have ever existed and as the initiator and author of your book, we are just writing the idea is all yours. Even if you don’t view yourself as a writer or are very busy creating a publishable book, your ideas still deserve to be heard worldwide. We simply are a medium to get your methods, ideas, wisdom, and story on paper.

Do I have to give the Visionary any credit or co-authorship?

No, absolutely not, there is a reason we name ourselves– no soul in the world will know that we have helped you in the writing process, so don’t worry, unless you decide to tell them yourself. As mentioned before, our services are 100% confidential. The story we help you write will be your book for the rest of eternity. You are the sole author of your dream book. We do not retain any rights or ownership of your book whatsoever. It will never happen even if you make a million dollars out of the book, you won’t owe us a penny. We don’t know about other Professional Book Writing Services but for us, we can say for sure that we will keep our word. Yes, to some degree credits are appreciated, however, we will never ask for that.

I had a great/bad experience with the writer I selected. Should I tell the network coordinator?

In both cases, a big yes, because we have prestige, so if any writer who has many legit negative feedback reports will obviously be removed from the network. Note: An editor refusing to work without prepayment or to do free additional work (above and beyond the scope outlined in the agreement) are not legit complaints; however, an editor being far behind a contractual deadline or becoming unavailable is a legit complaint. Since the company has established in 2014, we rarely had a case of negative feedback or complaints, because of the ethical guidelines of this network and our screening and test to choose the best writer in the world who can provide according to your needs and preferences. If you work with us and came across anything that is not up to the mark, then please let the network coordinator know about your experience with your editors.

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